Post Boot Camp Reflections

19 Sep

So, yesterday I “graduated” from boot camp.  Over the 8 weeks I was on it, I lost 9 pounds, 6.75 inches off of my waist and 4.8% body fat!

Some folks who did the boot camp lost crazy amounts of weight–the top female loser was over 30#s and the top male was over 47#s!! So, at first I was a little disappointed in my “only” 9 pounds.  But, the disappointment did not last long for several reasons:

1. I’ve been losing (and gaining) weight consistently for 9 years now.  My average is usually a half a pound a week due to hypothyroidism frakking with my metabolism. So 9 pounds in 8 weeks is awesome for me.

2. When I started the program, I wrote down my goals, which were: “Lose 10 pounds.” “Lose 5″ off my waist.” “Lose 5% body fat.” “Establish healthy habits with eating and exercise.”  I am only 1 pound and 0.2% away from those numbers, and I HAVE established healthy habits with eating and exercise. So, I consider my goals met. Which, again, is awesome!

3. I started the boot camp because I hadn’t been seeing much results doing it on my own.  I just looked back at my progress before boot camp and compared it to my progress during boot camp.  And, you know what? I am at my lowest weight and smallest waist measurement since I started working on getting it off again in 2009. I am seeing progress again, which is awesome!

4. With what I’ve lost during boot camp and what I was able to lose on my own from June 2009 until I started boot camp, I am down 45.4 pounds from my all-time highest.  45 POUNDS!!!!!! 

5. Even with my “ONLY” 9 pounds, I tied for 4th place in the # of inches lost by women competition.

It was easy to think that “I ONLY lost 9 pounds”, especially since it seems like I have so much more to go, until I put all of that together. Now, I’m going to be proud of losing 45 pounds, and I’m going to be confident that I can get the rest of this off.

I’m not really sure how much the rest is.  To get to what was my ‘goal’ weight last time, it’s another 62 pounds.  But, I’m beginning to question just what my goal weight should be.

You know, there are all these charts based on BMI that tell you what your weight should be based on your height.  If I go by that, to be healthy, I need to lose another 86#s.  But, I’m not so sure that being at that weight is right for ME.  I really hate the BMI scale because it doesn’t take into account anything but your height and gender, and it’s really meant to be used on a group of people, not individuals.

But, what’s got me confused is my body fat percentage.  The American Council on Exercise says women’s should be 14-31%. The American Dietetic Association recommends that women have 20-25% body fat.  As of right now, mine is 26%, which means that I’m already there!

Wha????  If you go by my weight and my BMI, I am technically considered “OBESE”.  Seriously? How the heck can I be obese but have a healthy body fat percentage?

I know I need to lose more. For one, I’m hovering right at the edge of plus size clothing. One of my goals is to be able to walk into any store and try on clothes, not just the stores that carry plus-size clothing. I also have quite a bit of fat on my belly/hips, what many people call an “apron”, that I want to decrease.  (I know I’ll never lose it all because much of it is excess skin that will have to be removed via surgery, but I was wearing pants that are 4 sizes smaller than I wear now when I lost 107#s before, so I know I can get into a smaller size.)

But, right now, I’m just going to focus on the next 10 pounds, not on what the total final # is. I figure the closer I get to it, the more it will “feel” like the right number.

So, boot camp is over, but the work isn’t.  I’m going to scale back a bit on the intensity, but I am still working on eating right and exercising right. And, I thank the Meltdown Boot Camp for giving me the tools I need to keep it going!


Posted by on September 19, 2011 in Health


2 responses to “Post Boot Camp Reflections

  1. Colline

    September 19, 2011 at 5:11 pm

    45lbs! Definately a cause for celebration. And the bootcamp also seems to have given you the motivation to go even further. You go girl! And then you can shop at any store.

  2. Jessica

    September 19, 2011 at 7:11 pm

    So happy for you!! I feel the same way …. I am ready to use these tools to continue the process as well!!


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