My insights about the Meltdown Boot Camp (so far)

10 Aug

Some observations/insights after doing the Meltdown boot camp for 2 and a half weeks:

  • The recommended exercise regime requires a lot of intervals, which I like. I started doing High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to train for a 5k about a year ago and saw great results. The tool I used to do HIIT back then has been invaluable for me when I do the required Tabatas and High Impact Cardio (HIC) (which is really just HIIT) on my own.  So, if you are an iPhone geek like me, I HIGHLY recommend the Seconds iPhone app. It’s programmable so you can set your own timing for the intervals, and if you use headphones at the gym like I do, you won’t annoy other gym-goers with the frequent beeping.
  • The new HuHot Mongolian Grill on East 3rd Street (where Cheeseburger in Paradise used to be) is very Meltdown friendly, as long as you are careful with the sauces. It’s also reasonably priced.
  • I am finally eating the way I’ve KNOWN I should for years but never could manage to do so. Heck, I’m eating way better than I did when I lost 107 pounds on Weight Watchers! I’m eating tons of veggies, only good carbs and good fats, and no processed foods (except for the protein bars). When I was on Weight Watchers, I still ate processed foods and bad carbs and fats, just in smaller quantities. Actually, I used to skip veggies so I could ‘save my points’ for that ice cream treat at the end of the day.
  •  I’m enjoying cooking and eating the foods I’m eating now quite a bit. Last night I made a homemade soup that was pretty simple but full of veggies and it was just SO satisfying…both emotionally and physically! Last week, there was a day that was rough at work and I got home late. Usually on those days, I would have grabbed pizza or Chinese take out on the way home because I didn’t feel like cooking, but last week that thought never crossed my mind. I went right home and started cooking.
  • I’m finally getting the proper amounts of sodium and potassium in my diet. I have high blood pressure that I recently had to go on meds for, and as a result, my doc told me to decrease my sodium and increase my potassium. I tried to do that on my own for about a month before starting the Meltdown, and failed miserably. But now, I’m not even really paying attention to those things, but because my diet is so much more healthy, the salt’s been decreased and the potassium has been increased naturally.
  • The protein bars are an awesome substitute for that nightly sweet treat that I used to satisfy with ice cream or candy bars.
  • I am not hungry (most of the time). I have to add that last part because until yesterday, I hadn’t felt hungry at all, or if I had, it was usually right before it was time to eat another one of the many small meals I eat every day. But, yesterday I was VERY hungry all day. Upon reviewing my food and exercise logs, I think the problem is I just didn’t eat enough during my mini meals and because I had exercised twice the day before. Today, I haven’t been hungry at all. I sure can’t say that about my experience with any other diet, especially Weight Watchers.
  • I’m constantly impressed by the members of the ‘Meltdown Nation’ I’ve encountered. Not only by the shear numbers–every class I’ve attended has been full, the # of Facebook fans is over 500 (and considering Btown is a relatively small town, I think that’s impressive), there’s a number of people I’ve discovered at work who have done or are doing the boot camp–but also by the determination and motivation and inspiration of the individual members of the Meltdown Nation. That alone says to me that this program is not just some fad.
  • The only way I can get in the recommended amount of water is for me to chug 16 to 28 ounces at a time. If I fill a glass or bottle with water and intend to slowly sip it, it never happens. I don’t know why. It’s also easier to chug room-temperature water than it is to chug cold water.  And, it’s easier to drink more if you use a straw. Also, I’m a water snob apparently. I cannot stand the taste of tap water or the water that comes out of most fountains (because it’s tap water). Thank goodness for filters! I am SO going to get me one of those Brita filter water bottles!
  • I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to come off of my earned day, meaning that the day after I would want to continue to over eat and eat bad stuff. But, scheduling a double exercise day for the day after seems to keep me from giving in to that worry.
  • I don’t do well with afternoon or evening exercise. I’ve been a morning exerciser for several years now and it always gives me energy to make it through the day. I’ve exercised after work a couple of times while doing this program and I always feel so much more tired afterwards and find actually doing the exercises a lot harder. It’s also much easier to make excuses to not do the exercise at the end of the day, but it’s a great feeling to look at the clock at 4pm and see that it’s time to go home and I DON’T have to exercise because I’ve already done it! I plan to do a few more double exercise days on the day after my earned day, so that will require evening workouts. But, I’ll happily do the majority of my exercise in the mornings.
  • I’ve decided that if when I get through these 8 weeks, I am going to reward myself by getting a full-body massage. 🙂
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Posted by on August 10, 2011 in Health


One response to “My insights about the Meltdown Boot Camp (so far)

  1. Jessica

    August 10, 2011 at 8:43 pm

    I love all your bullets– I agree so much! Although, I am an evening exerciser and morning classes are SO HARD to attend for me. I also have been surprised how very “not hungry” I am! The hardest thing for me is the protein bars … still feel like I have to choke them down. Blech!!


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