It can’t be all good…

05 Aug

So, I noted in my last post that my experience hasn’t been completely positive…as is to be expected.

The thing I’ve found the most troublesome is I’m spending way more time than I’d like planning and prepping for the days/week ahead. I figure it would take some time planning, but didn’t expect THIS much. Last weekend when I went to the grocery, it took me about 3 hours to figure out what my meals for the upcoming week would be and then to translate that into a shopping list. However, I realize that part of it is me getting used to the program, since this an almost-completely different way from eating than I had been. And, it does feel like I’m “getting the hang of it” now, so I anticipate that it won’t take as much time in the subsequent weeks.

Regarding how I feel physically: Days 3 and 4 were especially hard. On day 3, I spent the day at Holiday World in the 95+ degree heat and sun. At the end of that day, I felt pretty crappy. I know I had been walking a heck of a lot and riding roller coasters in the sun and heat all day, but I’m pretty sure I was more than tired…I felt queasy and weak and dizzy, and I don’t usually feel that way after a day of coaster-riding. After a good night’s sleep, I felt fine on day 4. But, then after work I did class at NGPT that I found rather difficult. And, after I got home from that, I again felt queasy and weak and dizzy. I later saw on one of the ‘Meltdown Chronicles’ videos on the NGPT YouTube page that others have felt that way, and it was due to the drastic diet change. So, I think days 3 & 4 were when my body was detoxing the most, because since then, I have not felt queasy, weak, or dizzy. I just wish I would have known beforehand that the first few days would have me feeling like that. I would have waited to go to Holiday World and do such a challenging class had I known.

The only other complaint I have so far is that I am SORE! Every muscle in my body hurts and has been hurting since I started on 7/25. I was not new to exercising before doing the boot camp (I’m a casual runner and I strength trained twice a week with a partner). But, the NGPT classes have me doing new-to-me exercises in new-to-me-ways, so I’m using my muscles more and in different ways than I was used to. But, ultimately, that’s the point, right? I just hope that the soreness goes away sometime soon!

All in all, I’m pleased so far. I expected it to be harder to follow the diet than it has been, and I expected that I wouldn’t be as motivated to exercise as I have been. Thankfully, both of those expectations were wrong.

As a matter of fact, I am actually excited to get on the scale and have my measurements taken on Sunday. I’m sure I’m going to see some kind of positive result. It’s been a long time since I’ve said that! But, last night, as I was sitting on the floor playing with my kitties, I actually saw my leg muscles! Usually, when I look at my legs, all I see is fat. I know my legs are probably the strongest part of my body, since I’ve been running for a few years. And, I’ve noticed my quad muscles before when I was strength training in front of a mirror before, but usually only when I was doing some kind of move that made them stand out. Last night, I was just sitting on the floor and I could see them! I’m shocked–but happy–that after only 1 and a half weeks I’d see such progress!

(Of course, I am also looking forward to Sunday because it’s my cheat day, too LOL I can almost taste that pizza now…. 🙂 )

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