A Follow-up

25 Aug

In March, I wrote a post about a friend who was struggling with professional identity theft, which occurred because idjits on the ‘net couldn’t take the time to verify information they received in an email and just blindly forwarded it on.

Five months later, he’s still fighting it.  But, it looks like he’s winning.  He’s taken many steps to combat this identity theft, and being the consummate professor, he turned it into a teaching moment.  Check out his article in INSIDE HIGHER ED:

The Accidental Celebrity

Way to go, Tim!!

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again:  Before you post anything on a website or forward an email, please, please, please take a few seconds to reflect on whether or not the information you are about to post or forward is true and verifiable. Going to Snopes or doing a Google search to verify the content only takes a few minutes. If you cannot verify the information, then do not post or forward it!!

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