I have time to blog again!

09 Jun

I am a graduate! As of May 29, 2009, I officially hold a Masters of Science in Human Computer Interaction from the School of Informatics at Indiana University Bloomington! Woot! (Thanks to Kshitiz for this pic:)

So, what have I been up to, now that I have a life again?

I’ve taken on more responsibility at work. The lead consultant in the lab has been on vacation for the past 2 weeks, and this week he’s at a conference.  So, I’ve been getting to know more about the work we do as well as running the lab and our current projects.

I’ve also recommitted to my health. See my Weight Loss Journey Pages for more details. For exercise, I have begun meeting a friend at the gym before work 3 days a week, and we strength train together. She gets routines from her personal trainer and then shows them to me, and we do them for 2 weeks before switching to a new routine.  We’ve been meeting regularly for 3 weeks now.  I am also learning to run again.  Three times a week, I follow the Couch to 5k program. I’m also trying to walk a 4-mile fitness trail with a couple of friends once a weekend.  To get back to eating more healthfully, I have started to attend weekly Weight Watcher meetings again.

I’ve been cooking a lot, lately too.  Partly for the weight loss efforts, partly to maintain a budget, but mostly because I love to cook and didn’t do much while I was in school.  It’s been great re-discovering recipes that my husband and I love. I’ve also got tons of leftovers to use for my lunches at work.

I’ve also started knitting again.  I learned to knit in 2005 and did some basic projects, but I stopped doing that when I started school.  Since I wasn’t very far along when I stopped, I’ve pretty much had to relearn it all over again. I’m going to the yarn store today after work to get the materials to begin my first project, an IU dishcloth. I’m hoping to become involved in a local knitter’s group that meets for martinis on Thursday evenings (which is nice since it’s right after my Weight Watcher meetings so I can imbibe w/out worrying about weighing in for a week LOL).

I’ve started having a social life again…I’ve gone out to lunch with friends, to the bars, and to some shows. And, I’ve got lots of things planned for the future…This Friday hubby and I are going to a minor league baseball game and Saturday we’re going to take a metal sculpture class.  Next weekend is a Phish show, a day at the Bill Monroe Bluegrass Festival, and a day out on my Dad’s boat for Father’s Day…plus plenty of other shows/events planned for this summer.

I’m attacking the projects on my to-do list that have been pushed aside for 2 years.  Someday I’ll have my home office organized and my yard landscaped and my house spotless and my professional portfolio updated 😉

And, of course, I’ve started blogging again, as is evident with this post.  Since I’ve been in charge of the lab at work, I haven’t had as much time as I’d like to blog, but I’m slowly getting there. I’ve reorganized my Weight Loss Journey Pages; I’ve started my Gratitude Journal again; and, in addition to this post, I’ve publised a post on my professional blog, HCI Reflections.

I love not being stressed and having free time again!! 🙂

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